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Impetus – Driven by Circumstance

I have written a bit about the hacking my wife, and I dealt with since October 2015, but I have left out most of the details because some of the issues are particularly sensitive. I’ve added some overall information in this article and discussed the latest hassle that I encountered.
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Holiday Projects

It’s been nearly two months since my last trip to our former home a few miles North of an Atlanta, Georgia line of demarcation called The Perimeter. I had approximately 400 square feet of sprawl space there. Three bookshelves, a large desk, a table, two couches, and a comfortable reading chair with ottoman. Continue reading Holiday Projects

timelines, timeless, timeliness – change

Relocation #10 is nearly complete. For me, it’s Florida part III.  1987, 2001, 2015.

We bought the place here last August and tinkered with it while working remotely: a couple weeks of days at the office and nights doing upgrades, three weeks here, on or two weeks in Atlanta. Continue reading timelines, timeless, timeliness – change

Pail … bucket

I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m tired. Normal, right?  Not really. I’m almost never tired. I think I was born wired. Apparently I’m relaxed. Thing is, if this is how people feel when they don’t get enough sleep, I really don’t want to experience it very often. Continue reading Pail … bucket