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Dirge: past refrain

I stepped out today. Out of the yard, I mean. Out of the car, after I got there, a place not originally planned. There were no stars at Starbucks but my mocha grande or grande mocha (I like the former, they prefer the latter) without whipped cream started my mid-day right. Followed with fudge, Mt. Dew, and freshly baked bread: Continue reading Dirge: past refrain

timelines, timeless, timeliness – change

Relocation #10 is nearly complete. For me, it’s Florida part III.  1987, 2001, 2015.

We bought the place here last August and tinkered with it while working remotely: a couple weeks of days at the office and nights doing upgrades, three weeks here, on or two weeks in Atlanta. Continue reading timelines, timeless, timeliness – change

Backup … backup

I spent the past couple of weeks setting up a new computer. The last thing I had to do was merge some things from the computers old hard drive. Last night, I transferred all the data I wanted from that drive to the main drive then formatted the old one so that it could be used as a backup. I had the 2 TB drive in a shell and was using it as an external drive. I did a full format. It took about 12 hours. I slept through most of it.   Continue reading Backup … backup

Sociial Media Exploration – Phase I

I’d have called it a project if there had been a plan. It started as a curiosity. I posted some of the material below to one of rarely used blogs on August 28th.

Early June I  found the Klout account I’d set up sometime in the past. Klout is an organization that assigns scores to people based on their impact or influence in social media.  Scores range from 0 to 100. Klout explains the score on their website. The average score is said to be 40 and it’s harder to go from 50 to 52 than 40 to 42.  Klout provides this graphic.

I had some idle time, so I decided to play around a bit. I started posting things I read online to Facebook and to a Twitter account I set up in 2012 but hadn’t used more than a couple of times since.

I read more than I usually do during this trial and admit to sometimes only reading headlines to gauge interest and accomplish a simple goal by posting a lot of web addresses:  I increased my Klout score.

It took four days for my score to get from 43 to 47, and it stayed steady for another couple of days. It wasn’t very exciting, and my energy flagged, so I  stopped posting articles.  My score drifted back to 43 over the next two weeks. Klout seems to go down slower than it goes up. Trend related, I’m guessing.

Klout favors quality over quantity; it makes sense. I decided to focus my effort and try again. I picked eight topics that interest me.  There were dependencies between the topics, so the eight combined to cover roughly three areas of interest.

  • Risk management
  • artificial intelligence
  • cognitive science

Risk management draws a large circle. I’m most interested in risk management as it relates to medical devices, a small part of the enterprise risk landscape.

The graphic below shows my original list of interests on Klout.

The second trial I spent a couple of days linking together my accounts before starting to post.  Twitter connects to Facebook and my site and my newly created Gravatar linked to more.  I didn’t have much presence on the photo sites and still don’t, but I added them just in case.

LinkedIn was my largest forum of influence at the time, according to Klout, and I’d only ever posted one thing there. I do “like” posts and make comments other’s entries, so possibly that is it. My contact list was smaller than it is today, but it was still five times the size of my Facebook friends list.  All the areas I could, except Linkedin, were tied to my Gravatar name, Leturos.

Once I was satisfied, I posted for five days then stopped again. That time my score rose from 43 to 47 in two days then it hit 48 a day later then held steady.  I continued two more days to see if the score would increase. It did not so I stopped the exercise.

During the second trial, I posted less than I had the first time and my score rose quicker. Focusing seemed to help. At this point, the author of a serious study would put in a disclaimer about the sample size being insufficient, etc.

I noticed the Google placement of Leturos while preparing for the second run of posts. It had captured 9 of the first ten spots. I wanted to see it expand, so I freshened up the backstory on and I brought attention to Leturos in posts during round two.  By the end of that round, Leturos had captured 19 of the first 20 Google spots. Luteros, coincidentally, returns Martin Luther.

My understanding of social media is not that in depth. While I now know the word analytics, I haven’t paid attention to this sort of thing to date. Klout suggested the topics above to me after the trials. I was surprised by some of them, and while I did give the Mr. Roger’s people a good race, I did not try to become a salad king. If you can’t wait for me to discuss such things, you can head over to my twitter post library, a service that the folks over at Kifi provide.

I have learned more about Social Media since these first attempts.  I’ll write about some of these things in future posts. One post will discuss a mock promotion of four brands and the post will touch on how emotional involvement can affect objectivity. I may even explain why I include #inisit in some of my twitter posts. I gained 2200 followers on one of my blogs in one day after posting my previous social media past was sent out. I mirrored the LinedIn post it that blog and apparently a few people were interested.  Who know?

One post may be about etiquette once I had that part figured out. It’s a jungle out there, and you need to watch where you step.  A recent close encounter of the net kind is part of the reason I waited as long as I have to write this second in what may become a series of posts. Every place has its power structure, I suppose. Note that I did not talk about what I had for dinner in this post in this forum.

OK, I’ll let on: I had analytics garnished with fresh content.


The choices that those of us lucky enough to have many of can distract us from the important things in life. Starting each day in the presence of loved ones is a gift that is easy to overlook. I choose to avoid contact with large groups unless it is necessary. I don’t fear others and I harbor no ill will towards anyone I can think of at present, I just prefer a simpler life when I have the choice. My choices are reduced, distractions are minimized, and I can focus my attention on things that matter. Continue reading Abundance

Out and about

A lot more about than out but I ate in the cafeteria area this morning and it was filled with people. The orange juice was excellent though the cups were rather small. I drank 7 after thetqnkx_edited first, half at breakfast and the rest later in the day. I’m sure that’s far below the lethal limit. I seem to be alive still.  Continue reading Out and about