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An elusive all purpose pronoun’s quest

A former coworker just sent a quick note that ended: “I hope it’s all going well”. My response was “Naturlich ist es” before I changed it to something simpler, something a bit more gratitudinous. Today is #WorldGratitudeDay and a whole lot of other days that, in deference, I do not mean to signal indifference by ignoring.

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Dirge: past refrain

I stepped out today. Out of the yard, I mean. Out of the car, after I got there, a place not originally planned. There were no stars at Starbucks but my mocha grande or grande mocha (I like the former, they prefer the latter) without whipped cream started my mid-day right. Followed with fudge, Mt. Dew, and freshly baked bread: Continue reading Dirge: past refrain

Quality, Familiarity, History

Tour 2016 is getting closer if it occurs. We’ve taken some stabs at an itinerary but we’ll probably do the usual: book the first two nights of the trip then get whatever we can wherever we are sometime late afternoon each day. Since we’ll probably do a stopover we’ll have four nights planned – Reykavich, Reykavich, Hamburg, Berlin.  After that, who knows. We never end up where we think we might and we always experience something we would not have otherwise.   Continue reading Quality, Familiarity, History