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Vacation 2016 – Day 3


Our Atlanta to Phoenix flight arrived late Friday evening, we waited a while in line waiting for a tele-rental agent, got a car, then drove 20 miles south of the airport to our hotel. We slept well then took our time in the morning because our first stop, the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, didn’t open until later in the morning.

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Vacation 2016 – Atlanta


It’s been a week and a half since my first post vacation blog entry. I thought I’d have written more by now but life got in the way. I left off at breakfast on the 1st of December. I headed back to the hotel to work on my last assignment for my third course in my MBA program. Earlier this afternoon I finished my second assignment for my fourth course two days late. While it was late and I’ll lose 20 points out of 100 before the professor starts grading, I did the best I’ve done on a homework assignment (in my not so humble opinion) than I’ve done since the first time I was in college decades ago. I may write about that later or post a version of the assignment somewhere. It doesn’t matter right now other than realizing that the good feeling I got from it helped…

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