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Scheduling some maintenance

I agreed with a medical professional last year that I’d “become concerned” if I started sleeping less than four hours each night. I look at that as an average. Most of the time I sleep four to six hours and I’m able to go to sleep almost immediately whenever I want to do so thanks to Ram Dass and some much-needed reminders 29 years later provided by some guys who live together in Conyers, Ga. A commune, old style. Guy from Nursia put some rules in a book a long while back and these guys are from a splinter of the first splinter group. which broke 419 years  (note: not 420 – #signicience) before the laity got a similar idea and that’s  all most know about these days. Monks don’t get out much. Part and parcel of the whole cloister thing. Continue reading Scheduling some maintenance

More – the end of the Apple Saga

I called Apple tonight. The first person who I spoke with walked me through the same websites I’d been to numerous times over the past two months. I wasn’t taken to the page he thought I’d be. He kept repeating the same thing to me. Eventually, he passed me off, after a wait, to a woman named Eloise. Continue reading More – the end of the Apple Saga

Two Step Shuffle

Since I posted this on LinkedIn earlier, a very professional person named Bruce at WordPress helped me get back online.  I had a request for payment that was part of the email chain. I didn’t have one of those last weekend when I tried to connect and failed.  I have also procured a cheap phone with my “shared” number on it. Now I start working to recover my Apple account.
Continue reading Two Step Shuffle

Quality, Familiarity, History

Tour 2016 is getting closer if it occurs. We’ve taken some stabs at an itinerary but we’ll probably do the usual: book the first two nights of the trip then get whatever we can wherever we are sometime late afternoon each day. Since we’ll probably do a stopover we’ll have four nights planned – Reykavich, Reykavich, Hamburg, Berlin.  After that, who knows. We never end up where we think we might and we always experience something we would not have otherwise.   Continue reading Quality, Familiarity, History

A weekday in review

First, this post won’t have much to do with today but I needed a title and “A week in review” seems overused. Second, everything I write can probably fall under the umbrella of the featured image but it has no signicience. I googled “title”, clicked images, and it was on the first line or two. Attributing … (there somewhere).  Continue reading A weekday in review