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How’s it do with Schizophrenia?

I came across this article today while doing my feed read. I thought, “Hey look, the 15-billion-dollar schizophrenic drug market (cheaper to load the percentage that stays on meds up with older drugs, drugs that can permanently detrimentally affect cognitive ability when used long term, than it is to institutionalize them) is still sparking off studies.” Umm. yes. That’s not quite what I thought. Continue reading How’s it do with Schizophrenia?

More – the end of the Apple Saga

I called Apple tonight. The first person who I spoke with walked me through the same websites I’d been to numerous times over the past two months. I wasn’t taken to the page he thought I’d be. He kept repeating the same thing to me. Eventually, he passed me off, after a wait, to a woman named Eloise. Continue reading More – the end of the Apple Saga

Backup … backup

I spent the past couple of weeks setting up a new computer. The last thing I had to do was merge some things from the computers old hard drive. Last night, I transferred all the data I wanted from that drive to the main drive then formatted the old one so that it could be used as a backup. I had the 2 TB drive in a shell and was using it as an external drive. I did a full format. It took about 12 hours. I slept through most of it.   Continue reading Backup … backup

Conversing – written and forgotten on day 18974 AE

I will tell a little bit at a time. You will still get bored but you won’t fall asleep, most
likely. You can purchase my tapes for that purpose. They don’t make taps anymore, do they. I certainly don’t have any that people would be able to purchase. I believe that even blog posts should morph so that they are not the same if you read them twice. You might notice, if you’ve ever read a post of mine twice that they change. Not every one but I go back
to some of them and take things out to protect the guilty. I hate it when guilty people are treated like crap for crimes beneath their notice. It weakens the trade. You hear what I ‘m saying?

I mean, there’s good guys and bad guys. The petty crime dipsticks, they are just confused. They’ll need to pick a side sooner or later and, since people rarely get traded between the teams, all’s they really have ta do is fess up. Seems simple to me. I don’t know why its so hard for others.

MaybEmergence - Photography by Glenn Crouch Four fellow seascapers capturing some nice cloud during sunrise at North Avoca beach, on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia. #clouds #le there should be a third team, imperfectly good and imperfectly evil. What would we call them?  What’s that? The Leturi? Why would you call them that?

Yeah, I heard the story. He got Loki to disguise him. Got his deathless in hot water about that though. It’s on thing to exchange a few words at a intercultural event in the Zone but trading favors between realms is verboten.  Yeah, its the energy exchange. Also, opening and closing the portal increases arthropod mutation rates for a 200k in every direction. The brass is worrying that their differentiating too quickly. A near extinction event is in the planning. Knock them back into the southern continent for a while more. I heard there’s some om the inter-realm council that just want to se what happens to them if we all pretend we aren’t here. How long till they forget. What else will they dream up, Do Leturi dream transcendental wakefulness? They will worry about determinism and free will because they only way they can view then is in their dreams.

Anyway, about thier names, I’d have thought we’d call them anthropa. To each his own.

You have a good day too.


A paradigm – what used to be nearly a quarter

I got lost on the way back from an appointment today. I decided to take the back roads, called someone I knew, turned off the phone’s GPS app b5dd51071ba84f4e58f5de8e9aa14a209.500x331x1because Waze was interfering with my conversation. 30 minutes later I saw a sign to the highway I’d left 35 minutes earlier. I’d done one exit.

I got in the highway and headed south. Eight minutes to what locals call Spaghetti Junction. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the liked Italian food.  I wonder about a lot of things. images (1)

It wasn’t much fun realizing I was going to spend an hour more in my car than I though I would. It got a little worse when I spaced aid missed the lane that was heading towards my home then it just got better when I got off to caught caught in a traffic jam. When I finally got home my computer wasn’t working right so now I’ve lost nearly 2 hours of my day to … what?

I missed Day 2 in the post a day challenge going on a WordPress. I’m not good at the consistency thing. I suppose I should make some money.  I am fairly good at doing that sort of thing. I’d trade it in to be able to paint well.


Someone asked me about rules in our household a recently. I responded that we didn’t have many. We had expectations of each other when we first came together. These expectations have shifted as our children grew and went out on their own and as we grew together and as individuals. It’s the same in all relationships and its part of developing and maintaining a harmonious relationship.

These words were in another post. I was going to take them out when I was getting ready to publish the post because its purpose had drifted quite a bit from its original dogmatic intent but I decided to leave them there as a reminder to focus, not that it’s done much for me yet but, as they say, baby steps, you walk before you fly.

OK, so what did I want to convey when I copied the first paragraph of a post and pasted them into their own space? There’s really only ever been one, to be truthful, and the rest are all corollaries, extrapolations, and presumption based on observation.

Be Truthful