Hey now

It has been six weeks since I last posted. This’ll probably be the last one on signicience. I’m moving to Leturos.com. I might add some things to signicience.blogspot.com but I doubt it.

I’m never certain if anyone ever reads this stuff so, if you do, leturos.com is a blog. I’ve got some maintenance to do – mainly getting it ready for a road trip I’ll be writing about there. I may write about getting in shape, too. I started a week long exercise program today.

A week long?  Yes. No idea what’ll happen at the end of the 7 days except … I’ll continue exercising and eating better.


I’d like to be around another 30 years. I realized the other day that the 74-year-old guy next door is in better shape than I am. I’m 53.

That’s why!

Later for this space. Follow me on leturos.com if you’d like. I don’t mind, really. Heck, send me money! I’ll forward it to the guy who motivated me to spend 50 minutes doing something other than exercising my fingers.