An elusive all purpose pronoun’s quest

A former coworker just sent a quick note that ended: “I hope it’s all going well”. My response was “Naturlich ist es” before I changed it to something simpler, something a bit more gratitudinous. Today is #WorldGratitudeDay and a whole lot of other days that, in deference, I do not mean to signal indifference by ignoring.

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Scheduling some maintenance

I agreed with a medical professional last year that I’d “become concerned” if I started sleeping less than four hours each night. I look at that as an average. Most of the time I sleep four to six hours and I’m able to go to sleep almost immediately whenever I want to do so thanks to Ram Dass and some much-needed reminders 29 years later provided by some guys who live together in Conyers, Ga. A commune, old style. Guy from Nursia put some rules in a book a long while back and these guys are from a splinter of the first splinter group. which broke 419 years  (note: not 420 – #signicience) before the laity got a similar idea and that’s  all most know about these days. Monks don’t get out much. Part and parcel of the whole cloister thing. Continue reading Scheduling some maintenance


Good morning and thanks for your attendance today. Our quarterly management meetings are an opportunity for us all to reflect on how the past few months have gone compared to how we expected and to project where we believe we’ll be three months from now. The past three quarters we’ve exceeded our growth targets and while this is great for our shareholders, our employees and a good place to stand as we move into the future, it’s also been a lot of work and we need to congratulate ourselves for a job well done. Continue reading Introduction

Dirge: past refrain

I stepped out today. Out of the yard, I mean. Out of the car, after I got there, a place not originally planned. There were no stars at Starbucks but my mocha grande or grande mocha (I like the former, they prefer the latter) without whipped cream started my mid-day right. Followed with fudge, Mt. Dew, and freshly baked bread: Continue reading Dirge: past refrain

How’s it do with Schizophrenia?

I came across this article today while doing my feed read. I thought, “Hey look, the 15-billion-dollar schizophrenic drug market (cheaper to load the percentage that stays on meds up with older drugs, drugs that can permanently detrimentally affect cognitive ability when used long term, than it is to institutionalize them) is still sparking off studies.” Umm. yes. That’s not quite what I thought. Continue reading How’s it do with Schizophrenia?