Quality, Familiarity, History

Tour 2016 is getting closer if it occurs. We’ve taken some stabs at an itinerary but we’ll probably do the usual: book the first two nights of the trip then get whatever we can wherever we are sometime late afternoon each day. Since we’ll probably do a stopover we’ll have four nights planned – Reykavich, Reykavich, Hamburg, Berlin.  After that, who knows. We never end up where we think we might and we always experience something we would not have otherwise.   Continue reading Quality, Familiarity, History

PO Box preferred

I just went to the ATM to withdraw some cash for a beach trip tomorrow. I was denied. I haven’t used it for a while but I was fairly certain the balance was sufficient.  We have a fraud alert set because we were back maliciously late last year and a couple of times afterward. It only stopped when I stopped trying to recover 1/2 a Terabyte of data that formed part of my library.  Continue reading PO Box preferred

Getting the word out

Social media is an ever-changing state space. I didn’t read FB much for about a year and a half.  It changed quite a bit since I left. People are posting more content than they were and not just baby pictures. LinkedIN changed during that period too.

Less than a year ago I reviewed the top 20 profiles (page view count) in my network. There were a couple of people with really polished profiles and the top two or three stayed the same for a while. Most of the top 20 were business owners. I hung with the group for a before breaking from social media for a while, something I’ve done four times in the past year for periods of 3 to 7 weeks.

I’ve been active again for about a month, after the longest of these breaks, and I noticed that LinkedIn had changed. The TOP 100 profiles are rife with people who have great content but who seem to be more in the business of presenting themselves as a brand in and of itself. The brand promise appears to be the controversy regarding their photos. I admit to enjoying reading the threads at times. Core values of some jump to the surface, supportively, acceptingly, and derisively.

How does this affect getting the word out for a new product or service on LinkedIn? How do similar, slower or faster paced, changes in the other social media platforms change how things work there? Knowing, and I certainly don’t, what works where when is becoming a sought after skill set in a still morphing emerging industry.

I’m currently developing a marketing strategy for a new venture in which I’m involved.  It’s an app that provides information (forms, links, timelines) for a set of partially interdependent processes in a specific market segment. IP Developers focus forward is “efficient, effective, expertise placement” or “providing the skills you need when you need them and only when you need them”.  The app aligns with this focus by putting the information you need at your fingertips in an actionable format.

I have no clue how the marketing topology should look and feel.


I have to remind myself that just when I think I have a good feel for the strategy and which group we should work with to bring us forward, I’m probably already ignoring or are unaware of the leading edge changes in the landscape.

Fun but challenging.

A weekday in review

First, this post won’t have much to do with today but I needed a title and “A week in review” seems overused. Second, everything I write can probably fall under the umbrella of the featured image but it has no signicience. I googled “title”, clicked images, and it was on the first line or two. Attributing … www.personality-arp.org (there somewhere).  Continue reading A weekday in review