A response to a Twitter Thread

The thread that lead to this too long to tweet response went as follows:

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We need that detail

“Where did those intructions come from? Your trend in the file is the best estimate.  …. Was there any discucsions on that?  SAI’s are meant to be incremental. …. It’s supposed to be incremental SAI’s over prior years. Jared is looking at all of the detail. Number 1: we should not use those summaries in there. They are a mess. …. You guys do have to be consistent.”

Above was a short segment of a conversation a woman sitting across the waiting area aisle from me was having with a coworker while we were waiting for the plane from Atlanta to Hartford to board. The conversation went on for at least 25 minutes.  I could hear her worlds loudly and clearly and I could sometimes here teh person on the otehr end of the line.

We’ve alll seen it. Some of the people reading this probably do it and don’t even understand. I was a latecomer to the cell phone world. I bought one when I moved from Montreal to NYC early 2000. I was on the commuter line heading back into the city from Poughkeepsie one bright spring afternoon and I decided to call a friend in Texas. She was home and I probably started with “guess where I’m calling from” because that was common back then. Our conversation likely got very personal after that – we’d both just divorced and had dated seriously 15 years earlier.

Yes, we were certainy talking about things we wouldn’t have wanted others to here. Life plans, possibilities, roads not taken, et. .After five or ten minutes I heard someone say “shut up, whydontcha!” or something similar. I turned around and saw five or six people glaring at me.

They had heard every word. I was mortified. I’d been so into the conversation I forgot there were peopole around me. I was raised to be private about matters personal but I had not been that time. That was all it took for me and I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken about anything of note in an open area since.

I’ve never done it again, as far as I know. It only took one time. That was more than 15 years ago yet you stillI encounted people talknig too loudly into their phones in the airport, in the hotel cafe’s, in the rental car shuttle buses: Conversations about confidential matters that, though you can only here one side, you can generally make out what is being said. I m not a voyeur in any sense of the word. I don’t try to listen. It’s just that some people speak loud enough that you don’t have much choice. .

Why is this? Has anyone ever said something to one of them, like the guy on the train did with me? I was embarrassed but he did me a favor that day. It’s either the people don’t know or they don’t care. I’m hoping that its ignorance not apathy or blatant disregard most of the time.

Social Responsibility

I sent this to twitter before seeing the part about sharing … loved it. It’s the best thing I’ve read in a while.

Mind to Unbind

The game in a frame we shamefully play

A touch up via matte masks what we portray

Let’s sharpen, play pixels, a lie to the site

Let’s contrast, then crop, to bolster a night

“Checking in” at a café, checking out of the scene

Refreshments arrive while your refreshing a screen

“OMFG, did you happen to see?

Bec got fucked over, I’m glad that ain’t me?”

Bec tweets her deceit, and bares underwear

She post he came close, but  more she won’t share

The depiction he sends, does not have discretion

Snap chat to “friends”, screen shot for possession

Captioned with lies to captures times truth

Just being, just seeing, not enough for our youth

Abolish a Blemish through the tap of a button

We’re posing as lambs, no time for a mutton

A freckle not sin to be filtered away

Scars not an evil up for eviction by gray

Posts teach our teens that perfection is life

Insecurities then corrected by enlisting a knife

Let’s tweet what we eat…

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There will be music

I was just listening to three connected videos I uploaded to youtube yesterday. The first is a recording of our daily attempt to get the door open light shut off in the vehicle we rented. I thought it was interesting that this recording was followed by When Jesus Shuts the Door if I let youtube run.  Continue reading There will be music


The choices that those of us lucky enough to have many of can distract us from the important things in life. Starting each day in the presence of loved ones is a gift that is easy to overlook. I choose to avoid contact with large groups unless it is necessary. I don’t fear others and I harbor no ill will towards anyone I can think of at present, I just prefer a simpler life when I have the choice. My choices are reduced, distractions are minimized, and I can focus my attention on things that matter. Continue reading Abundance