Outside the borders

countrysI have wondered why I didn’t have any hits on this blog outside the US. My eldest sprog’s blog canIputitonmyface gets hits from all over the place.  She has gotten nearly 1000 hits in an hour. Maybe I should add a segment on Geritol.

I realized today that I’d only been looking at day view and I’ve only looked a few times. When I expanded out to month’s view, I found out someone living or traveling within the following countries have read signicience. I didn’t check my other, less used, blogs. Pet me pet me, make me purr.  Continue reading Outside the borders

Out and about

A lot more about than out but I ate in the cafeteria area this morning and it was filled with people. The orange juice was excellent though the cups were rather small. I drank 7 after thetqnkx_edited first, half at breakfast and the rest later in the day. I’m sure that’s far below the lethal limit. I seem to be alive still.  Continue reading Out and about

Heading East – a ruluctant passengineer

North of east is more accurate. Once you leave Atlanta, there is only 300 km or so before you hit an ocean. We are heading somewhere along the coast in North Carolina. I believe our hotel is located on or adjacent to a Marine Corps based. I have some work to do so I’m passengineering.  Continue reading Heading East – a ruluctant passengineer

A paradigm – what used to be nearly a quarter

I got lost on the way back from an appointment today. I decided to take the back roads, called someone I knew, turned off the phone’s GPS app b5dd51071ba84f4e58f5de8e9aa14a209.500x331x1because Waze was interfering with my conversation. 30 minutes later I saw a sign to the highway I’d left 35 minutes earlier. I’d done one exit.

I got in the highway and headed south. Eight minutes to what locals call Spaghetti Junction. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the liked Italian food.  I wonder about a lot of things. images (1)

It wasn’t much fun realizing I was going to spend an hour more in my car than I though I would. It got a little worse when I spaced aid missed the lane that was heading towards my home then it just got better when I got off to caught caught in a traffic jam. When I finally got home my computer wasn’t working right so now I’ve lost nearly 2 hours of my day to … what?

I missed Day 2 in the post a day challenge going on a WordPress. I’m not good at the consistency thing. I suppose I should make some money.  I am fairly good at doing that sort of thing. I’d trade it in to be able to paint well.