I just noticed I own that too. At least I didn’t buty some of the domain names I wanted to buy. The names always seem neater to me that to others. What’s up with that?

I’m watitining on the domain place to get a move on. I need a consulting job or two just to pay the domain name monkey on my back. After you pay and don’t use one for a decade, It should be free from then afterwards.

So, signifaction?

No apparent difficulties

There are two problems with separating work me and professional me. Yes, I wrote professional but I did not kill Kenny. The first is having dual twitter accounts. That isn’t too hard because I have two cell phones and two PC’s (not including my day job PC). It’s still has challenges though.   Continue reading No apparent difficulties

As Don Juan explains that it wasn’t a bridge that he saw

The material below was cut and pasted directly from this Quora question.

How can I overcome slander from my peers?

I am a student.  I am very shy and socially awkward and made many social gaffes in the previous academic year.  I worry that some of my behavior was misconstrued as intentionally rude, and have good reason to believe that a lot of people have worked to spread the word that I am a bad person, and someone to be avoided.  If that is the case, what are some strategies I can use to handle people’s negative perceptions of me?  I have some good friends but it can take me a long time to feel comfortable around others and I don’t want to incidentally confirm stereotypes of myself due to my anxiety. Continue reading As Don Juan explains that it wasn’t a bridge that he saw


I deleted the Dalai Lama from my contacts list tonight. He was one of over 300 to go or be merged. He wouldn’t merge. Last week I took my main mailbox down to 38 contacts . The list included 10 friends, 10 former workers, 10 family members and 8 miscellaneous, recruiters, etc.

I know there were more people than 38 that I wanted to keep track of so this weekend I imported the contacts from all my email accounts into MY outlook account. Last night I  started merging, contacts, adding in phone numbers or adjusting the emails so the most important one came up first, and I deleted a lot.  I had 440 contacts when I stated. Continue reading Context


Someone asked me about rules in our household a recently. I responded that we didn’t have many. We had expectations of each other when we first came together. These expectations have shifted as our children grew and went out on their own and as we grew together and as individuals. It’s the same in all relationships and its part of developing and maintaining a harmonious relationship.

These words were in another post. I was going to take them out when I was getting ready to publish the post because its purpose had drifted quite a bit from its original dogmatic intent but I decided to leave them there as a reminder to focus, not that it’s done much for me yet but, as they say, baby steps, you walk before you fly.

OK, so what did I want to convey when I copied the first paragraph of a post and pasted them into their own space? There’s really only ever been one, to be truthful, and the rest are all corollaries, extrapolations, and presumption based on observation.

Be Truthful

Perhaps it isn’t a story

It was a nice evening for an outside class. We were getting all the ranks in organized for the second half o fthe class, bearly, first eyar students rank tesitng.  It reminded me of my start in the arts, 12 years earlier. Almost every class was held outside that summer. We meditated, stretched, and performed our various forms then we play fought. A gentle older man was our sensei. Continue reading Perhaps it isn’t a story

Do you sift people to find humans?

image1 (1)I was thinking of merging this blog with my other active, or what is becoming a more active blog, leturos.  Signicience started off on another blog site. I started it when my blog marantha (references to both these blogs are somewhere on my page) didn’t seem to be the me I was at that time. Signicience combines, as a wanna-be neologism, Continue reading Do you sift people to find humans?