smaller bits, smaller still

I just found this in my drafts a month and a half after writing it. I suppose I should read it to see why … heck, I won’t know why I didn’t post it. I might have fallen asleep in my chair. I mean, I was 18886 days old on June 13, 2015 and it was 44 long days ago.  Let’s see what I was thinking 1056 + 2.8/-21.2 hours ago (new material noted as such):

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Colored or drab
    Label replaced
I never told her much
    We did not talk other
A fixed face smile, a trooper
You are still talking too quickly. I felt flushed.

I had not been. I had entered prepared.
I'd taken the deep breaths, centered myself.
I had checked my heartbeat. I had chitted chat. 

When much of your memories - as I typed I the screen 
went into developer mode. I clicked the wrong spot.