Hollow tooth

Lunch went as planned except for the candy. We have none. I know a place that has some. Two, in fact. Equidistant. There are several buttons I can press at the top of this writing space. I want a pro/con list. The first two b and i – I realized I was in html mode, as they call it, when the funny charavert

charavert – etiology recursive (see: chariverb, chariverse)

[switched to visual] The phrase “let’s take a peek under hood” is associated with automobiles and, sometimes it is associated with people. Do you ever hear them knocking at your door? I get a notice on my cell phone.

Afterthefact, in fact.

Let’s lettuce – you can see the future from here

This shaking off sleep thing is not the best time I’ve had so far today. Sleeping was much better – I don’t remember much … something was there – I turned to look but it was gone.

Pack squirrel, no doubt. It their little hands had opposable thumbs we’d be in much worse shape. Before I continue:

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Making Fowl

Today was the day. The reference website was – [I will not use ellipses today] – it wasn’t that it was going to be birthed because it is already online even if all that is there is a photo I took of a raven (it was a crow) in Arches National Park two and a half years ago, it was going to start diverging. That’s not it and branching out doesn’t sound that great either. Web sites don’t fragment and not only would fractalate be the wrong word even writing it would be look pretentious and it isn’t even a word (but it should be). The website was going to be selectivated.


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Stepping aside

IMG_0039At least that’s how I”m going to look at it. Wait, another OLIAB moment. If I”m not going to rip graphics off all over the internet I’m going to have to get some new photographs and maybe use that neat graphics package I bought, studied by using (played with) for 8 hours this weekend then felt a teeny bit incompetent when my wife did more in five minutes than I’d managed the entire day. Continue reading Stepping aside

Organized and now what?

headI spent the weekend putting everything in order. I updated all my account passwords and made the cuuLl KalmB1naT10nz  of letters, wyrds, and cymbals.  Just like yur s’posed ta.

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