Tuesdays occur weekly

Great idea. valleyWe really should change the graphics to make this low volume, low margin, shouldn’t have been launched in the first place product that is being rapidly cannibalized by the sprog ennui detection suite, a much more aesthetically pleasing member of our family behavioral monitoring family but we won’t be doing so at this time because: Continue reading Tuesdays occur weekly

February: P faded, A failed, I survived Neologism.

awashI’m enjoying the quiet this morning. In a bit, my other laptop will be lit and I’ll give focus a chance. For now, I’ll hold that moment far enough out into the future that the feel of connection I have right now with suburban lifeforms through the sounds brought to my ears by their activities: birds singing, squirrel playing, clocks ticking, car engines rumbling, the upstairs toilet flushing.   Continue reading February: P faded, A failed, I survived Neologism.